We Plan

There are three types of cyclist and we cater for all three:

  1. Intermediate cyclist. The intermediate cyclist cycles every now and then, they don't have a strict training schedule.  Cycling fits in around their work and lifestyle. For this cyclist we sell boxes of 6 so when they are running low they simply order another box of 6.
  2. Weekly Training Program. This is the most common cyclist, typically they meet up with their group before work on set days to do anywhere from 1h30min to 2 hours and typically do two long rides on the weekend. This cyclist will use the Weekly Training Plan and place their order according to their program. They can also set and forget.
  3. Hard core racer. This is for the elite cyclist that is training for a specific event. Typically this cyclist will have a coach mapping out their monthly training schedule. They can simply send us through their schedule to info@cycle-pak.com or contact us on 1300 13 15 34